Thursday, June 21, 2018

White Flora in the Mount Hood National Forest

The wilder side of Oregon does refresh and reboot the spirit! We are in close proximity to the Mount Hood National Forest, a quick drive has us deep into it within an hour. I am a person who craves being out in nature and for this season of my life I can venture out on a whim. 
Flowers caught my attention on this day trip.  It often surprises me to find one I'm not familiar with like Bunchberry.  It looks like Dogwood...and there it is growing on the forest floor, not a tree at all but a groundcover plant.
Bunchberry; Dwarf Cornel, Puddingberry
Dogwood Family

 Wild Strawberry

What is this flower? I couldn't find it in The Audubon Society field Guide to North American Wildflower book.  Any ideas? 
 Stand alone white flower, on single stem, with lily type center, and duck foot shape leaf. The leaf and center is our clue.
Pretty, isn't it? 

Bear Grass; Indian Basket Grass
Lily Family

If a person wants to learn about flora nature it takes getting out into the forest(or wherever you are) during all seasons and looking. I like to take along my Audubon Field Guide, and a small notebook to jot down where the flower was seen. I include facts about the conditions surrounding it.  
Many of these flowers will be done blooming in a short time and something else will pop up to show off.  This outing offered a variety of white flowers but next time will present another experience.  
Get out, take a walk and see what you can find.  
Until next time.... 

Thursday, June 14, 2018

A Day to Remember......Trip to Mt. Hood and Fishing at Timothy Lake

A drive up to Mt. Hood proved to be a day full of wonder for these two kids! 
At first there wasn't a plan to visit the snow capped mountain top but who could resist the new fallen snow? Mt. Hood has fresh snow fall each month of the year, but not always at this level.  It was a treat we hadn't anticipated.  :)
 These two cousins take playing seriously and quickly got to throwing snow balls! 

 Next stop:  Timothy Lake and fishing! 
  Fishing poles in hand we begin the walk to start fishing with Papa.
A small family of Canada geese paddled by as we got closer to the fishing dock. If you look close you'll see the goslings by their mama. 
We get to the dock and start the fishing!
 Did they catch any fish?  We'll, yes and no. 
A beautiful trout was hooked and brought in.  Wouldn't you know that fish wiggled loose and jumped back in the lake?!  
The rainbow trout is right under the chair....and that was a lucky picture because in the next second it was gone!
Papa did a lot of repair and replace of worms, line and sinkers! Good thing he was in charge because I wouldn't have a clue how to do all that. We are all learning about fishing from him! 
 Many treasures on the lakes edge were found to add to the fishing gear!
 This was our first visit to Timothy Lake with the kids and we think it's a place to return to, often! 
A day to be remembered!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018


There are numerous growers of Peonies here in Willamette Valley. I've visited them over the years but until now have not grown the flower. Peonies are a statement flower like none other.  In my garden there is one clump showing off and I almost missed seeing them bloom!  Below is a picture taken about three weeks ago when the peonies were in bud.

And, here I found them blooming their hearts out just a few days later! 
They should bloom strong for a couple of weeks and other buds will come forth. 

Mother's Day is this coming weekend and I will be working in the local floral shop as "extra" help.  My work background includes being a florist and it's a wonderful thing to do "holiday" arranging.  We will be designing with Peonies, since the local farmers make them available.  It will be sheeeeer joy!

Have a Happy Mother's Day! 
 If you are not a mom "Happy Mother's Day" for being you! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

A quick walk around the yard shows color in the garden!

Today is not a warm day but it did get to 53 degrees.  I enjoy any day with a bit of sunshine and enjoy walking around the yard to see what was blooming.  I do this often and love to share the beauty.  Our yard is nice, not perfect, and loaded with weeds until we get to them. 
 Hyacinth bulbs were stuck in a pot of dirt around Thanksgiving, and they are just now blooming.  It's a favorite spring flower. 
Perennial Daisy/blooms for a short time
Daffodil/almost at its end
Daphne/end of blooming period
Anemone from my friend, Nancy. Blooms early and is very showy. 

Daisy/weed/constantly growing

Huechera/Corral Bells/will bloom all summer and into fall
Take time to see what's blooming!  Flower

Monday, April 16, 2018

Flower's New Season/Taking Notice

Taking Notice
Growing at The Oasis at Death Valley, California
April 11, 2018
Temperature 105 degrees
When I stumbled across this small flower, nestled into the path, it was alone.  There were no more scattered about.  It could have been easy to miss.  This as an example of what is often right there in front of us, waiting to be seen.  A focus for "Flower's New Season" is taking notice of the little things. 

Until next time, Flower

White Flora in the Mount Hood National Forest

The wilder side of Oregon does refresh and reboot the spirit! We are in close proximity to the Mount Hood National Forest, a quick drive has...